Lga package type

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Integrated circuits are put into protective packages to allow easy handling and assembly onto printed circuit boards and to protect the devices from damage. A very large number of different types of package exist. Some package types have standardized dimensions and tolerances, and are registered with trade industry associations such as JEDEC and Pro Electron. Other types are proprietary designations that may be made by only one or two manufacturers.

Integrated circuit packaging is the last assembly process before testing and shipping devices to customers. Occasionally specially-processed integrated circuit dies are prepared for direct connections to a substrate without an intermediate header or carrier.

In flip chip systems the IC is connected by solder bumps to a substrate. In beam-lead technology, the metallized pads that would be used for wire bonding connections in a conventional chip are thickened and extended to allow external connections to the circuit.

Assemblies using "bare" chips have additional packaging or filling with epoxy to protect the devices from moisture. Through-hole technology uses holes drilled through the PCB for mounting the components. The component has leads that are soldered to pads on the PCB to electrically and mechanically connect them to the PCB. Chip on board is a packaging technique that directly connects a die to a PCB, without an interposer or lead frame.

A chip carrier is a rectangular package with contacts on all four edges. Leaded chip carriers have metal leads wrapped around the edge of the package, in the shape of a letter J. Leadless chip carriers have metal pads on the edges. Chip carrier packages may be made of ceramic or plastic and are usually secured to a printed circuit board by soldering, though sockets can be used for testing.

All measurements below are given in mm. To convert mm to milsdivide mm by 0. A variety of techniques for interconnecting several chips within a single package have been proposed and researched:. Surface-mount components are usually smaller than their counterparts with leads, and are designed to be handled by machines rather than by humans. The electronics industry has standardized package shapes and sizes the leading standardisation body is JEDEC.

The codes given in the chart below usually tell the length and width of the components in tenths of millimeters or hundredths of inches. For example, a metric component is 2. Exceptions occur for imperial in the two smallest rectangular passive sizes.

The metric codes still represent the dimensions in mm, even though the imperial size codes are no longer aligned. Problematically, some manufacturers are developing metric components with dimensions of 0. These increasingly small sizes, especially andcan sometimes be a challenge from a manufacturability or reliability perspective. Mostly resistors and capacitors. Mostly resistors and diodes ; barrel shaped components, dimensions do not match those of rectangular references for identical codes.

There are often subtle variations in package details from manufacturer to manufacturer, and even though standard designations are used, designers need to confirm dimensions when laying out printed circuit boards. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Main article: Pin grid array. Main article: Quad Flat Package. Main article: Ball grid array. Main article: Chip carrier. Electronics portal.

The CPU Shack. Retrieved Archived from the original PDF on Surface Mount Device Package".In computer hardwarea CPU socket or CPU slot contains one or more mechanical components providing mechanical and electrical connections between a microprocessor and a printed circuit board PCB.

This allows for placing and replacing the central processing unit CPU without soldering. Common sockets have retention clips that apply a constant force, which must be overcome when a device is inserted. For chips with many pins, zero insertion force ZIF sockets are preferred.

This provides superior mechanical retention while avoiding the risk of bending pins when inserting the chip into the socket. Certain devices use Ball Grid Array BGA sockets, although these require soldering and are generally not considered user replaceable. CPU sockets are used on the motherboard in desktop and server computers. Because they allow easy swapping of components, they are also used for prototyping new circuits.

Laptops typically use surface-mount CPUs, which take up less space on the motherboard than a socketed part. A CPU socket is made of plastic, and often comes with a lever or latch, and with metal contacts for each of the pins or lands on the CPU.

Many packages are keyed to ensure the proper insertion of the CPU. CPUs with a PGA pin grid array package are inserted into the socket and, if included, the latch is closed.

CPUs with an LGA land grid array package are inserted into the socket, the latch plate is flipped into position atop the CPU, and the lever is lowered and locked into place, pressing the CPU's contacts firmly against the socket's lands and ensuring a good connection, as well as increased mechanical stability. Slotkets are special adapters for using socket processors in bus-compatible slot motherboards. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Intel only. AMD only. FSB in the later models. Retrieved Archived PDF from the original on Early CPU sockets. Intel CPU sockets and slots. Slot 1 — Socket 8. AMD sockets and chipsets. AMD sockets. Motherboard chipsets List of AMD chipsets. Categories : CPU sockets. Namespaces Article Talk. Views Read Edit View history. In other projects Wikimedia Commons.

Land grid array

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Intel Intel Intel Intel Intel NexGen Nx It is possible to use Socket 7 processors in a Socket 5. An adapter is required, or if one is careful, a socket 7 can be pulled off its pins and put onto a socket 5 board, allowing the use of socket 7 processors. Intel Core i7 series Intel Xeon 35xx, 36xx, 55xx, 56xx series.Customers always compare their technologies used in products, arguing which side is better.

This kind of socket is known as zero insertion force socket, which means the CPU will be able to drop in without any pressure. All the contact pins are on the socket, soldered to the motherboard. Instead, equal numbers of contact pads are on the CPU to make connection.

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You may be wondering which CPU socket type is better. The answer is NO. I personally prefer using LGA socket because of its ease of use. Although a slightly bent pin will mean the motherboard is toasted, it can be avoided by being extra careful. Feel free to leave comments below, if you have any opinion about this website.

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LGA vs PGA – CPU Socket Types Explained

Photo from Prohardver. Advantages of LGA socket: The processors are less likely to be damaged by mishandling and drops, because of no fragile pins.

lga package type

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CPU socket

We are your source for tech gadgets unboxings and reviews. We share unbiased opinions about products, provide informational how-to articles and follow the latest news in the industry.The land grid array LGA is a type of surface-mount packaging for integrated circuits ICs that is notable for having the pins on the socket when a socket is used rather than the integrated circuit. The land grid array is a packaging technology with a rectangular grid of contacts, 'lands', on the underside of a package.

The contacts are to be connected to a grid of contacts on the PCB. Not all rows and columns of the grid need to be used. The contacts can either be made by using an LGA socket, or by using solder paste.

Unlike pin grid arrays, land grid array packages are designed to fit either in a socket, or be soldered down using surface mount technology. PGA packages cannot be soldered down using surface mount technology. In contrast with a BGA, land grid array packages in non socketed configurations have no balls, and use flat contacts which are soldered directly to the PCB.

The balls are normally attached to the underside of the IC. Unlike the pin grid array PGA interface found on most AMD and older Intel processors, there are no pins on the chip; in place of the pins are pads of bare gold-plated copper that touch protruding pins on the microprocessor's connector on the motherboard.

By transferring the pins to the motherboard, it is possible to design the socket to physically shield the pins from damage, and the costs of installation damage can be mitigated as motherboards tend to be significantly cheaper than CPUs. The LGA setup provides higher pin densities, allowing more power contacts and thus a more stable power supply to the chip.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article needs additional citations for verification. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Play media. PC Magazine. Retrieved October 1, Semiconductor packages. Electronic packaging Integrated circuit packaging List of integrated circuit packaging types Printed circuit board Surface-mount technology Through-hole technology.

Note: It's relatively common to find packages that contain other components than their designated ones, such as diodes or voltage regulators in transistor packages, etc.

lga package type

Categories : Chip carriers. Hidden categories: Articles needing additional references from November All articles needing additional references. Namespaces Article Talk.

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Content Type Identify My Product. Article ID The number x stands for the revision number of the package. This package consists of a processor core mounted on a substrate land-carrier. An integrated Heat Spreader IHS is attached to the package substrate and core and serves as the mating surface for the processor component thermal solution such as a heatsink.

This refers to the number of contacts that the package contains that interface with the LGA socket.

lga package type

Sockets are not interchangeable and must be matched to motherboards for compatibility. Motherboard BIOS support for processors is also required for compatibility. This black cover is no longer being used. Photo examples Front side Back side. LGA socket - Installation and integration information.

The integrated heat sink is attached directly to the die of the processor during manufacturing. Since the IHS makes a good thermal contact with the die and it offers a larger surface area for better heat dissipation, it can significantly increase thermal conductivity.

Pentium 4 processor Photo examples Front side Back side. These chips are turned upside down so that the die or the part of the processor that makes up the computer chip is exposed on the top of the processor. By having the die exposed allows the thermal solution can be applied directly to the die, which allows for more efficient cooling of the chip. To enhance the performance of the package by decoupling the power and ground signals, FC-PGA processors have discrete capacitors and resistors on the bottom of the processor, in the capacitor placement area center of processor.

The pins on the bottom of the chip are staggered. In addition, the pins are arranged in a way that the processor can only be inserted one way into the socket. The OLGA chips also use a flip chip design, where the processor is attached to the substrate facedown for better signal integrity, more efficient heat removal and lower inductance. The OOI is used by the Pentium 4 processor, which has pins. To improve thermal conductivity, the PGA uses a nickel plated copper heat slug on top of the processor.

To improve thermal conductivity, the PPGA uses a nickel plated copper heat slug on top of the processor. To connect to the motherboard, the processor is inserted into a slot. Instead of having pins, it uses gold finger contacts, which the processor uses to carry its signals back and forth.

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Package-Type Guide for Intel® Desktop Processors

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